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Leak Pro®, the company, has been in business for over 45 years. We have determined that it is painful and time consuming for anyone to train themselves for leak detection. The reason is they don't get enough leaks in a short period of time to retain the sound and the technique to be proficient at their job. We at Leak Pro® have built a training center that has over 14 leaks under concrete, underground, and in swimming pools. These are controlled by our training staff. This would be equal  to two or three months of waiting to go out on jobs to learn the techniques.  A student, in a short period of time, will listen to all different types of leaks as well as learn and retain the different tricks to make leaks expose themselves to the technician.

Leak detection is simple common sense and is the process of elimination. Following a step by step method and not varying from that method while using the Leak Pro® equipment you will locate 90% of all your leaks. The other 10% might be a little harder but you will have the equipment to locate them.

For $10,000 you will get the training, certificate, air fare, lodging, and all the tools you need to be proficient at this job. Call today and make and appointment for a one on one class.

Leak Pro® training is better than a franchise because we stick with you for as long as you need to make your business a successful one. Also, we charge no weekly, monthly, or yearly frachise fee so this is a win for you and your business.

For orders, call Terry at 760-832-5325

Terms: 50% down 14 days before training, which includes $2,500 non refundable amount in case of a cancellation after air fare and lodging has been scheduled by us. The remaining 50% balance to paid on the first day of training.

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