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Most Cost-Effective Way to Get Into the Leak Locating Business

With more than 40 years of experience, Leak Pro® has been providing reliable slab leak and swimming pool leak locating equipment. Our product can help you find underground water leaks as easily as possible!

Locate Leaks Like a Pro

Benefits of Using Leak Pro®

Leak Pro® Probe is durable.  Made from strong aluminum metal with a special stainless rod. It is very simple to use. You just put the headphones on, plug them into the phone jack on the Leak Pro® probe, and you're ready for action! The Leak Pro® Probe is guaranteed for life. Made for plumbers and rugged use. Insurance companies recognizes anyone owning a Leak Pro® Probe as an experienced Leak Locator. This gives you the opportunity of making and extra $200 an hour or more.

The Magic Wand Helium Locator

The Leak Pro® Probe Overnight Shipping Call for Pricing

The Leak Pro® probe will identify the line and hears the water leak under the concrete. 

The Air Anywhere Kit

The Air Anywhere Kit Call for Pricing    

The Air Anywhere Kit can be remote-controlled from up to 200 ft. away. Also the 12 V pump can be stored in your vehicle and includes 150 ft. of special air hose. 

The Magic Wand Helium Locator Call for Pricing    

   The Magic Wand Helium Locator comes with a          helium flow gauge and special adapters for          water lines.

Start Your Business Using Leak Pro®

Purchasing these three Leak Pro® items will put you in the leak locating business instantly! Become the owner of your own leak detection business and earn over $200 an hour. Meanwhile, existing businesses that add these three tools will start to bring in $1,000 or more a week.

For a limited time only, you can purchase these three items for the cost of one leak locating device! Contact us today for more details on this offer.

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Training Program

If you can spend three days and $6,000, we can train you for slab leak and swimming pool leak locating at our 5 ac. site near Palm Springs, California. This includes all the equipment you need, hotel accommodation, and transportation from Palm Springs Airport to the hotel. We will also provide transportation to and from the training area.

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