The LeakPro®Complete Kit comes with one Leak Pro® Sidekick, one Leak Pro® Probe, two headphones, remote controlled outlet, one universal hose bib adapter, training manual, & protective case. This water leak locating kit is a great tool in any plumber’s truck.


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The Leak Pro® Complete Kit is the quintessential toolkit for modern plumbing professionals. Designed for efficiency and precision, this kit includes:

  • Leak Pro® Sidekick: A compact yet powerful device that aids in accurate leak detection.
  • Leak Pro® Probe: The heart of the kit, renowned for its sensitivity and reliability in pinpointing leaks.
  • Two Headphones: Allowing simultaneous operation, these headphones provide clear audio cues for leak identification.
  • Remote Controlled Outlet: This innovative tool enhances leak detection in various environments.
  • Universal Hose Bib Adapter: Ensures compatibility with different water sources, making the kit versatile.
  • Training Manual: A comprehensive guide to help you maximize the use of each component.
  • Protective Case: Durable and portable, it keeps your equipment safe and organized. 


     Who is this Product For?

  • The Leak Pro® Complete Kit is an indispensable tool for plumbers, leak detection specialists, and maintenance technicians. It’s designed for professionals who value precision and efficiency in their work, making it a must-have in every plumber’s truck.

    This complete kit empowers professionals to:


  • Locate Water Leaks: With the Leak Pro® Probe and Sidekick, users can accurately detect and pinpoint water leaks.
  • Enhance Plumbing Diagnostics: The kit facilitates comprehensive plumbing assessments, ensuring accurate detection and resolution of potential issues.
  • Dual Operation: Equipped with two headphones, the kit allows two operators to work simultaneously, increasing productivity and collaboration.

    Product Buying Options:


  • Interested customers can acquire the Leak Pro® Complete Kit by directly calling us for details. This approach ensures personalized service and provides an opportunity to clarify any queries about the kit’s features and applications.

     We stand behind our products with a robust warranty program:

  • Limited Five-Year Warranty on the Probe
  • One-Year Warranty on the Sidekick

     Please note, we do not accept returns, as our warranty program is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and peace of mind


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