Train with the Pros and get LeakPro® certified

2 Days of Leak Detection Training - LeakPro® Certification

Welcome to LeakPro®‘s comprehensive leak detection training program! Our courses are meticulously designed to transform you into a Leak Detection Pro, equipping you with invaluable skills in slab leak detection, line locating, and sewer leak locating with isolation training.


Our training is tailored for anyone eager to deepen their understanding of leak detection, including leak locators, plumbers, and maintenance technicians. Whether you’re looking to invest in your skills or expand your service offerings, this program is your ticket to becoming a top-notch leak locator!


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What Will You Learn?


Understand precisely where the water and sewer lines are located under the slab

Leak Detection

Master water line leak locating with the LeakPro® Complete kit

Sewer Isolation Testing

Gain expertise in performing sewer isolation tests on Cast Iron & PVC systems

How Will It Help You?

Upon completing the leak detection training, you will walk away with the confidence to locate leaks like a pro, having trained your mind on the processes and your ears for the identifying sounds. You will be able to convincingly demonstrate to your customers why a specific sewer line needs attention, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness.


Program Duration & Schedule

Investment & Capacity

Why Should You Enroll?

This is a golden opportunity to grow your bottom line and elevate your professional capabilities. However, it’s not for everyone. If you plan on using the equipment only once or twice or are not serious about mastering the skills, this might not be the right fit for you.


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What Is Included?

Transportation to and from the local hotel on training days

Refreshments including water and snacks during training

A delightful dinner experience

What Is Not Included?

Travel expenses


Transportation to and from the airport

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How to Enroll?

Ready to level up your leak locating game?

Call 1-888-LEAK-PRO or book a 15 min online introduction call with us to start your journey with LeakPro®!


Absolutely! However, keep in mind the maximum capacity is three persons per training. It is $8,000 for the initial booking which includes training for one person and $4,000 per additional persons (after the purchase of a Complete Kit for each trainee). 


For further details on post-training support, please contact  our team.

Yes, you will receive a certification acknowledging your new skills and knowledge.


We strive to accommodate our trainees’ needs; please contact us to discuss any specific requirements.

getting started

LeakPro®‘s training program is an investment in your professional development, providing comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in leak detection. Our fun and playful approach make learning enjoyable, and our expert trainers ensure you leave with confidence and proficiency.

So, why wait? Embark on this enriching journey with Leak Pro and set yourself apart in the leak detection industry!


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